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    Registry for Start My Porn Company’s first 2012 Weekend Production Intensive Workshop, officially closes Sunday, January 15, 2012.

    Start My Porn Company’s Production Intensive Workshops are designed to introduce those interested in starting their own adult content companies to real, hardcore adult video production. The weekend offers both interactive, classroom style workshops and allows attendees unlimited on-set access, as a full length adult video is produced by members of Start My Porn Company’s ProNet.

    ProNet Director, Frank Castle said, “When Start My Porn Company launched in 2010, what made it different from other options for learning about the industry, was real, experienced adult professionals are behind every aspect of the Start My Porn Company business service model. Anyone that is working with this company is getting accurate and honest information on everything from how to legally set up an adult production house, to how to set realistic budgets that support being able to make a profit on the content you produce. The Production Workshops take that a step further, allowing those that attend to work directly with adult production professionals in learning how to handle government regulations concerning adult production, how to run a professional adult set, and how to make money from the resulting content.”

    Benic Way, founder of the adult content sales site, Extra Lunch Money, agrees, “It is amazing just how much experience everyone involved with Start My Porn Company brings to the services they offer. I am interested in taking part in this upcoming workshop, because I want to learn about adult production on a first-hand level. I have been involved in the internet sales end of the adult industry exclusively, and I have learned from speaking with ProNet members that while there are some relevant issues for both producers and the web entrepreneur, the actual production of content is a very different game. Since Extra Lunch Money is dedicated to giving adult producers an outlet to sell specialized content, it is time for me to get on a set and learn what goes into making porn movies. It will allow me to better understand the clients that use our site to sell content, and those that order custom content from those providers.”

    The first 2012 Start My Porn Company Production Intensive Workshop is scheduled for Friday, February 24 through Sunday, February 26 in California’s San Fernando Valley. For registry information and workshop details, those wishing to attend must sign up for the Start My Porn Company Newsletter by January 15, through the link at www.startmyporncompany.com.

  • Extra Lunch Money’s Benic Way took the time to discuss the reality of what it takes to build a successful porn production company with Linda Roberts and Sherry Ziegelmeyer, of Start My Porn Company (SMPC), on the most recent edition of the popular web cast, ELM Avenue.

    The interview covered many topics of interest to those that are thinking about starting their own adult production companies, including information on the revenue streams in adult content sales, tips for those that are interested in investing in existing production companies and what Start My Porn Company offers to our clients.

    Linda and Sherry also announced the Weekend Intensive Production Workshop that Start My Porn Company has scheduled for February 24 through February 26 in Porn Valley, California.

    Listen to the entire broadcast at http://elmaveshow.com/start-my-porn-company-interview/.

  • Dates have been determined for the first Start My Porn Company Weekend Production Intensive Workshop of 2012, and pre-invitations have been sent to all of those on the Start My Porn Company Newsletter mailing list.

    Since Start My Porn Company officially launched in November of 2010, we have received hundreds of requests to hold an interactive workshop, where budding adult producers can watch hardcore adult video being shot first hand. This was no surprise, considering that Marquis Productions and Black and Blue Media had considered holding “boot camps” as far back as 2007, due to the demand for live, first person, access to production training in the adult industry.

    When we started planning those workshops, we realized that there were things that we should do differently to accommodate the real interests of those that were looking for “porn industry training workshops”. At the time, options were entirely split between “classes” based and “video based” workshops. Well, all of us at Start My Porn Company know from experience that neither of those can stand alone to give anyone a true idea of what it takes to launch a successful porn production company. It takes a combination of knowing the truth about the legalities, the costs and the time and effort that goes into producing quality product, as well as technical experience in shooting and packaging it, to get an idea of how the adult entertainment industry works from the stand point of production of content.

    All Start My Porn Company Weekend Production Intensive Workshops cover the real information that new producers need to know. You will not only learn about model contracts, US regulations on Age Verification record keeping (2257) and how to set realistic budgets for your productions . . . but you will also be on-set with Start My Porn Company’s ProNet while a full length, hardcore, adult video is being shot. The Start My Porn Company Production Intensive Workshops also include insider information on how to maximize your potential return on your productions by detailing the different revenue streams in adult, what you need to know to shoot and edit content that will allow you to take advantage of each of those streams and information on how to package and market your product for those different revenue streams.

    We cover a lot of ground in our workshops, and we know from experience that what we are offering is the total package that new producers need, to be prepared to succeed in this industry! Everyone attending will also receive their own copy of the Start My Porn Company Porn Primer, which gives you reference materials on every contract, agreement and check list that all new producers need to start off their company right. This is a $2000+ value, which is Start My Porn Company’s gift to you, when you attend our Weekend Production Intensive Workshops.

    The first 2012 Start My Porn Company Weekend Production Intensive Workshop is slated for Friday, February 24 through Sunday, February 26. The attendance list is limited to 15 for this workshop, and those who are signed up for the Start My Porn Company Newsletter have first choice of the available spots. Open registration will begin on January 10, 2012. However, we expect to be sold out by then through pre-registrations, so get your advance invitation today!

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