• 2014 is here and everyone at Start My Porn Company wants to thank the thousands of visitors this site has had during 2013 and continuing forward.

    A quick note to those that are emailing us with questions concerning adult content production . . . Please read the SMPC Porn Primer before emailing us to ask about an introduction call or more information. This is not because the Primer is for sale, it’s because we’re busy people who actually make a living producing and selling adult content and 99.89% of the questions we get asked are already answered in the Primer.

    The first question we are asked by those that haven’t read the Primer is “Is it legal to shoot porn in my state?” or the variation of “Where should I set up my business?” Well, that question is answered in the Primer in depth. And seriously peeps, please — no complaints that you have to pay for the Primer to find that out, because you can find that answer for free anywhere on the web: California and New Hampshire are the only states in the US where you can pay someone to have sex, with any intention to capture it in any form AND to distribute it (that includes uploading it to the internet) without facing minimum of Pandering charges. Yes, that includes Nevada . . . Where prostitution is only legal INSIDE a licensed brothel or other licensed adult entertainment business location. And even shooting inside a brothel, Nevada has laws against adult sex content for distribution (as Naughty America found out.

    Okay, we admit Naughty America was stupid about bringing themselves to the attention of The Law, but it still proves our case –There is NO “New Porn Valley” starting in Las Vegas, or anywhere else in Nevada. Once the state of Nevada starts to find the pornographers, they’ll just start pushing for licensing and make up a bureau to regulate and tax it as they did for gambling and brothels and they’ll tax and regulate adult producers right out of the state. LOL

    In other news . . . We are considering dropping the SMPC Newsletter and simply updating the blog more often. We’ve had problems with people signing up others without their permission for the newsletter (which is why we removed the contact form awhile back), yet we’re still having some people reporting the newsletter as SPAM or for being inappropriate content they don’t want to receive. We include a simple opt-out within the Newsletter, and we abide by all rules of ICANN SPAM regulation, but no good deed goes unpunished, it seems. ;)

    And finally, Linda Roberts and Frank Castle are getting ready to release new hardcore adult content via Internet. We’ll keep you posted as those plans are announced.

  • Speculation is that Florida may be testing the waters on prosecuting porn producers in the sate with the arrest on Friday, June 3, 2011 of Kimberly Kupps, who was the owner and star of KimberlyKupps.com, as well as a store owner of Clips4Sale.com.

    The Polk County Sheriff’s Office started an investigation on Theresa Taylor (aka Kimberly Kupps) in March of of this year, after receiving tips that she and her husband, Warren Taylor, were filming and distributing adult sexual content form their home in Lake Wales, Florida. An investigator for the Sheriff’s Office monitored Taylor’s Twitter account and also paid for a membership to KimberlyKupps.com. The investigator downloaded six videos of Taylor having sex with men and women. The investigator then turned the videos over to County Judge Reinaldo Ojeda, who ruled the videos were obscene material under state law on April 7, 2011.

    On June 3, Taylor was booked on six counts each of selling obscene material and distributing obscene material, both misdemeanors. She was also charged with the felony wholesale promotion of obscene material. Taylor was set to be released Saturday night after posting $7,500 bail.

    Her husband was booked on six counts each of wholesale promotion of obscene material and distribution of obscene material, a misdemeanor. Both presumably related to his admission that he uploaded the video to their Clips4Sale store. Her husband remains in jail as of this writing.

    The full story is here, however my friends in Florida have verified that at least one Florida TV station has reported that information from her Twitter account was obtained by Florida Department of Law Enforcement and turned over to Polk County Sheriff’s office, ending the news report with the statement that this may be the beginning of a larger, statewide crack down on adult film production.

    It has long been known that Polk County is not “adult friendly”, due to factors including a strong religious influence that tends to sway political elections, and Sheriff Judd’s own view of adult content, so this is nothing new for that area.

    However, if the report is true that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was indeed involved in this investigation, it may mean that Florida is ready to take a stand on the increase in adult production in the state.

    People, listen up — if you have been told by anyone that it is “legal” to shoot porn anywhere but in California or New Hampshire — you have been lied to! Run from anyone that tries to tell you that you can shoot porn anywhere legally. Stick with adult business advisors that will tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Stick with Start My Porn Company!

  • You asked for it and we did it – we are now on Twitter!

    Catch up on what’s going on with members of the Start My Porn Company Pro Net, friends of Start My Porn Company and what Linda and Sherry are up to through our Twitter Feed @getintoporn,

  • Come to Sardo’s in Burbank for Porn Star Karaoke tonight, May 3, and meet Start My Porn Company ProNet members Chris King, Sonny Malone, Frank Castle, Jimmy D and a full house of adult industry professionals. Of course, Linda and I will be there with our friends, so come by and say “Hi!”

    Sardo’s is located at 259 Pass Avenue in Burbank. PSK begins at 9:30 PM, and runs until last call at 2:00 AM.

  • Linda Roberts - Actress, director, producer and founder of Start My Porn Company The Fox interviews Linda Roberts and Sherry Ziegelmeyer of Start My Porn Company, on All Night Long, airing Friday, February 25 on Radio Dentata. The show starts at 7:00PM Eastern/4:00PM Pacific.

    The Fox and his co-host, Miss Kitty, asked a lot of great questions and learned a little about the realities of porn production from Linda and Sherry during the interview.

    Start My Porn Company is not a school or course, it is a full service business management system for those that want to get into adult production with access to real information, and by working with real porn industry professionals that can help new Porn CEOs start their company without falling into the traps that steal time and money, ending in broken dreams.

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Warning ImageThere are other companies out there that claim to offer these types of services, however many of them are run by people who have little or no experience in the adult industry.

 Do your homework before you put your trust in any adult business consultant.

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