• Start My Porn Company’s Linda Roberts interviewed with writer, Anna Dimond, for a Glamour magazine feature on “The Secret to Great Sex (in 50 Words or Less)”, and the finished story is included in the June 2012 edition of Glamour, available on news stands, and online at www.glamour.com

    Linda’s tip for connecting with your partner joins advice and suggestions from a wide variety of authors, actors, medical and sociological experts. Among the dozen or so other celebrities quoted in the article are Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Sex Made Easy” author, Debby Herbenick. Ph.D., Dr. Laura Berman, Ph.D. and Michael J. Fox.

    This Glamour article on how to keep your partner, (and yourself), interested in sex kicked off an idea for the SMPC June Newsletter: What’s a porn set really like?

    What is a porn set really like? That is the most asked question in interviews with adult industry performers and crew, and usually one of the first questions asked in the introduction calls Linda and I do for Start My Porn Company. People are usually a little disappointed when they learn the truth. LOL

    Linda’s tip to Glamour came from both her real sex life, as well as her experience with “reel sex”, as it’s done on a porn set. And as Linda said in the article, a porn set is the least sexy place to be, and the performers need to get chemistry going with each other. Between long hours and the general atmosphere on a porn set, unless performers make an effort to connect with each other, there will be no connection. Porn is a business, having sex on camera is not the same as having sex in your own home.

    If you haven’t signed up for the SMPC Newsletter yet, sign up at https://startmyporncompany.com, to get your copy by email. It will be out later this week.

  • Extra Lunch Money’s Benic Way took the time to discuss the reality of what it takes to build a successful porn production company with Linda Roberts and Sherry Ziegelmeyer, of Start My Porn Company (SMPC), on the most recent edition of the popular web cast, ELM Avenue.

    The interview covered many topics of interest to those that are thinking about starting their own adult production companies, including information on the revenue streams in adult content sales, tips for those that are interested in investing in existing production companies and what Start My Porn Company offers to our clients.

    Linda and Sherry also announced the Weekend Intensive Production Workshop that Start My Porn Company has scheduled for February 24 through February 26 in Porn Valley, California.

    Listen to the entire broadcast at http://elmaveshow.com/start-my-porn-company-interview/.

  • A while back, Cindi Loftus, proprietor and publisher of Luke is Back posted an exclusive interview with Start My porn Company’s Linda Roberts. You can read it here:


    Linda Roberts Start My Porn Company Founder

  • Sherry and I love it when we can get exposure for our Pro Net professionals and today PhD Chauntelle’s Porn Valley Vantage ran a fantastic, in-depth interview with Sonny Malone, editrix extraordinaire, Pro Net key member and AVN Hall of Fame winner 2011.

    If you have thought about starting your own porn production company (and if you are here on StartMyPornCompany.com, you obviously have), you definitely want to check out this interview. Sonny lays it on the line with an honesty that everyone considering getting into porn production needs to hear.

    Doctor Chauntelle writes:

    In professional adult film production, filming the sex is only one aspect of a ginormous (that would be gigantically enormous) overall project. There are literally hundreds of hours worth of pre- and post-production labor that go into every scene. Consider: someone… well, really several someones… must secure a location, coordinate the set, manage the budget, assemble a cast and crew, photograph stuff, and market the content to distributors and consumers – whoosh!!

    And someone must also complete what may be the most significant step of all, the step that can really make or break any project – someone must edit it.

    No one can put it better than that. Shooting the sex is a really small aspect of the whole production. And while it helps a lot to shoot good looking scenes from teh second the camera is turned on, there has to be editing to complete it to the point where the finished product can be released.

    Take a listen to the PVVOnline interview Back Story: Sonny Malone now (http://pvvonline.com/?p=914).

    Doc Chauntelle will be running a few more of her interviews with the members of Start My Porn Company’s Pro Net in the coming months.

    And on a side note, I just wanted to remind all of you aspiring XXX CEOs, that we have a newsletter that you can sign up for, just email newsletter@startmyporncompany.com to get on the mailing list.

    I also wanted to take this time to answer a question that we’ve received a lot of email on recently . . .
    If you are looking for a job in adult, as a director, producer or otherwise, that is not what Start My Porn Company does. We do not hire people to run production companies, as we can run our own very capably thank you. Start My Porn Company provides business consultation and management services for those that have their own investment money and want to start a production company making adult video to sell. We provide our years of experience to you, so you can start out your own company without making all of the mistakes others have made before.

    Have a great week!

  • Linda Roberts - Actress, director, producer and founder of Start My Porn Company The Fox interviews Linda Roberts and Sherry Ziegelmeyer of Start My Porn Company, on All Night Long, airing Friday, February 25 on Radio Dentata. The show starts at 7:00PM Eastern/4:00PM Pacific.

    The Fox and his co-host, Miss Kitty, asked a lot of great questions and learned a little about the realities of porn production from Linda and Sherry during the interview.

    Start My Porn Company is not a school or course, it is a full service business management system for those that want to get into adult production with access to real information, and by working with real porn industry professionals that can help new Porn CEOs start their company without falling into the traps that steal time and money, ending in broken dreams.

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