• Welcome to 2013! We’ve all made it through 2012 without the world ending (at least physically) and it’s time for us all to tighten our seat belts, as the adult industry may be in for some bumpy rides in the future.

    For those is us already in the adult entertainment industry, January is a really hectic period of conventions, awards shows and gearing up new releases for the new year’s catalog. That can clog up the brains of everyone in our industry.

    The February edition of the SMPC Newsletter is being distributed now, and the focus is the latest news from distributors on what is selling, and the formats that are most desirable in their daily sales.

    Future SMPC Newsletters will cover different topics from the various seminars and individual conversations between industry professionals that attended the XBIZ, AEE and Internext conventions.  So there is a lot of information upcoming for those that are interested in getting into the adult entertainment industry as producers!

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  • Many producers are seeking distribution of their content and don’t know where to start. When you work with Start My Porn Company to create your content, securing distribution of your finished content is one of the services provided in your business management agreement with us.

    However, if you are thinking about trying to find distribution on your own, you might want to investigate some of the clauses that are included in distribution agreements, and clauses that you should insist be added to any distribution agreement, before you finalize the deal.

    Some of the clauses distributors may try to add to your contract contain wording such as:

    We hold all rights to all XYZ Production Company’s digital, physical and any other formats as known now or developed in the future, Universally and in perpetuity, inside or outside of the explored solar system

    You think I jest? I don’t! Everyone involved in Start My Porn Company has seen language in various distribution contracts that is very close to what is written above. Words like “in perpetuity”, “Universally”, “in all formats known and developed in the future” make some distributors feel very warm and fuzzy. They know that once you sign, they have you over the proverbial barrel.

    However, no distribution contract should be entered into without you fully understanding and negotiating your own terms and clauses. So, if you are thinking about doing your own distribution deal without the help of the professionals at Start My Porn Company, take a moment to read “The Porno Clause and Other Legal Tips Filmmakers May Not Know” at AdultFYI.

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