• There’s so much confusion in the mainstream media (and the adult media is not much better, yet in a different way . . . ) concerning STDs, HIV, condoms, Adult Performer Testing — and what not — The April SMPC Newsletter sorts out the myth from the reality.

    I’d like to thank DJ and Pete for the “Bravo” email I just received as well. ; ) We have quite a few adult industry insiders subscribed to our newsletter, and it’s nice when we can share information, and insight, on laws, regulations and other BS that affects all of us.

    I also need to make an announcement:

    At this time, we are closing new subscriptions to the SMPC Newsletter list. Everyone that is already on the newsletter mailing list will continue to receive our bi-monthly editions, however the contact form is being abused by those that either can’t read, or are deliberately impersonating others as some sick “revenge” game.  SMPC will not be a part of idiocy — when the games start, we don’t play!

    What I find most obnoxious about all of this, is that the SMPC Newsletter does not , and never has, contained any form of “porn”, no images, no links that don’t go to startmyporncompany.com, and no subject matter that wouldn’t be considered boring by the average reader. It’s all business information.  LOL

    We hope at some point to be able to offer the Newsletter to new subscribers again,  but until we can find a way to protect those that morons are trying to harass and embarrass  by signing up to the newsletter using their intended victim’s name, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

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  • Most of us already knew this would happen. Of course there are always “The Sky is Falling” panic mongers that will get upset about any little thing that happens.

    It has been decided by the LA County Division of the California Appeals Court that LA County Health Officials do not have to go search porn sets for violations against the condom use and other regulations that are in place for sex scenes.

    An anti-porn group tried to force the Department of Public Health to enforce Secs.120175 and 120575 by requiring adult film producers ensure performers are vaccinated for hepatitis B and use condoms during filming. They lost.

    The Appeals Board determined The Department of Public Health has discretion to determine what measures are necessary to prevent the transmission of communicable diseases and could not be forced by the courts to implement the specific means advanced by the typical protesters as the most effective way to reduce the risk of infection for performers and their non industry sexual partners.

    The group that brought the original lawsuit claims that the adult industry is some kind of public health hazard, due to what they see as an “epidemic” of sexually transmitted diseases in performers. They are specifically claiming that HIV is somehow rampant in the porn industry. The Adult Industry averages one HIV related action, where a performer has tested positive and production has shut down until everyone is tested every 5 years.

    Obviously the CA Appeals Court is not willing to advance that anti-porn group’s agenda. ;)

    Read the entire story here: http://www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=49240

  • There’s so much to sort out on this Cal/OSHA thing that comments on it by us for now aren’t going to contain any more information that you will find elsewhere.

    However, as real information is gathered and confirmed, Start My Porn Company will do updates in our consultations concerning all known and accurate information. Until the information is verified and acted upon by Cal/OSHA, there’s no need for us to confuse the situation any further. ;)

    There is one glaring point of confusion within the quotes of some adult industry insiders:

    The notion that “California porn production will go underground or move out of state.”

    For the most part, this is ridiculous and when people calm down enough to think about what they are saying, it will come out that there are no major industry plans to “go underground” or “move out of state”. For one thing, where would we supposedly go? Nevada? Florida? Texas? There are only two states in the US where the rules, regulations and laws have given porn producers a free and clear verdict that you can legally pay a person(s) to have sex on camera for the intent of filming it and distributing it for a profit. Those states are California and New Hampshire. There is also a rumor that it may be legal in Maricopa County, AZ with the right additional licensing. However, until that is confirmed by diligent research performed by legal eagles and others that the Start My Porn Company professionals trust, please don’t place much weight on that being completely true.

    For now, know that if you want real information on what is true concerning adult movie production, your best bet is working with Start My Porn Company. We keep up to date on every aspect of what is going on in adult and how it relates to production and distribution of adult content.

  • You may have heard about the recent filming permit tussles by the Los Angeles City Council requiring condoms on all adult sets. . . This is part of a bigger debate involving CAL/OSHA and brought about by complaints stemming from a group called AHF. I’ll leave the google search on AHF to you as I don’t want to give them any free publicity. What I will say is that it is a well funded group of AIDS activists that seem to think they know more about every porn performers bodies than the porn performers do themselves!

    It is true that according to CAL/OSHA regulations concerning workplace safety, condoms are to be worn during intercourse scenes in adult video. There are many impassioned debates taking place between porn industry members and CAL/OSHA to come up with adult-centric guidelines concerning condom use, and it will take years for any regulations of this type to be agreed upon and more time to actually go into effect.

    The adult industry has done a very good job of protecting the performers from HIV and AIDS due to the testing standards the industry voluntarily imposed upon itself. Yes, there have been cases where a performer has come up positive on an HIV test, and the entire industry knows what to do when it happens: The test-positive performer is removed from the talent pool and their partners are tested to make sure the disease is not passed on to others. Most professional production companies shut down filing or switch to less risky scenes, such as girl on girl and blow jobs until the testing process is completed and the okay is given to resume shooting. And regardless of whether the question is to wrap or not to wrap that penis on a porn shoot, the testing standards will likely still be in play in the porn industry.

    In the meantime, the City of LA is trying to put regulations into effect that would mean adult productions that are not using condoms would not be allowed to register for filming permits to produce content.

    What does this mean to you as a new porn producer, or to existing porn producers for that matter? Not much really. But what you do need to know, is that only by working with experienced industry professionals will you be able to learn how to get permits, shoot legally without permits and what your rights and responsibilities are as a producer in considering to take either route.

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