• Hi y’all, sorry we’re running late with the SMPC newsletter, but so much has been happening on the legal and political end of the adult entertainment industry, every time I sit down to write up a newsletter the information changes before I get it sent out and I have to start over.  ~sigh~ The good news, is that much of the legal maneuvering  has been in the favor of the adult industry for a change.

    I hope to be able to sit down and do a full update on what changes have been made on condoms and age verification records within the next couple of weeks, so I can get a newsletter out in September.

    Additionally, Pay Pal has changed their security codes to some safer system of encryption. This is great news, however it’s causing some issues for existing Pay Pal buttons and systems that use them, (like s2Member, which we use for the SMPC Primer.) SO just a heads up to any of you that also sell through Pay Pal using their generated buttons: Update all of them, please! You may not even realize they aren’t working, or sometimes they will work part of the time and not the rest.

    And if you have purchased the Primer and for some reason not gotten the link to the download page directly from Pay Pal, please email me at sherry@startmyporncompany.com. I can look up your payment invoice and see that you get your download information as soon as I possibly can.

    Thanks everyone and have a safe end of summer!











  • Welcome to 2013! We’ve all made it through 2012 without the world ending (at least physically) and it’s time for us all to tighten our seat belts, as the adult industry may be in for some bumpy rides in the future.

    For those is us already in the adult entertainment industry, January is a really hectic period of conventions, awards shows and gearing up new releases for the new year’s catalog. That can clog up the brains of everyone in our industry.

    The February edition of the SMPC Newsletter is being distributed now, and the focus is the latest news from distributors on what is selling, and the formats that are most desirable in their daily sales.

    Future SMPC Newsletters will cover different topics from the various seminars and individual conversations between industry professionals that attended the XBIZ, AEE and Internext conventions.  So there is a lot of information upcoming for those that are interested in getting into the adult entertainment industry as producers!

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  • Yep, we ran a bit late on the Start My Porn Company August Newsletter . . . There’s been a lot of stuff happening in the industry and just when I’d get one written, something would come up that I thought might be a better topic for the month.

    In the end, Linda and I decided to go with the original topic, but we thought giving someone else in the industry a chance to speak would be a better idea. So much of the content in the August SMPC Newsletter is credited to Gene Ross at AdultFYI.com.

    Gene has been watching, reporting on, and working in, this industry for longer than most of the performers on any particular porn set have been alive. He knows what he’s talking about. And while I know him as a very wise man, and one that truly does love this industry, I also respect that he’s a cynic in some ways. It’s good to hear a true cynic’s point of view from time to time. It keeps you grounded.

    So buckle in, because this month’s SMPC Newsletter is a slap of reality to those that still believe porn is a 30 Billion dollar industry.

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  • Linda, Chris King, Frank Castle and I have spoken with hundreds of people about starting their own porn companies since we launched Start My Porn Company. A similar thread has run through all of these conversations:

    Is there an easy way for me to learn what it takes to start my company without spending a lot of time and money, before I decide if I really want to do this?

    Before we started SMPC, members of the ProNet sat down and started outlining what all new producers need to know before they decide to start an adult production company. We use various parts of the outline we came up with for our free introduction calls, in creating our workshop presentation plans and also in the information we provide to clients that retain our consultation services.

    But there was still a need to get that information out to those that either can’t attend our workshops, or who prefer to research on their own before speaking to someone at SMPC about their plans to start a production company. Because our goal is to get the real and 100% accurate information out to as many people as possible, we came up with a plan to develop some type of product that would do that. We came up with the SMPC Porn Primer.

    The SMPC Porn Primer contains the most important information on everything from how to set up your adult production business legally, what regulations and laws you need to be aware of to stay legal and retain some personal privacy, and how what you shoot and the delivery methods you can leverage to sell it, affects the potential profits you can make in this industry. The SMPC Porn Primer also includes samples of the legal contracts and Federal regulations concerning adult production. The model release, Age Affidavit and other samples that we have included in the Primer, easily saves you over $2500.00 in legal fees, that you can use toward actually shooting content, instead of paying a lawyer to create them from scratch!

    Take a look at the SMPC Porn Primer and get started on your way to becoming the next adult producer here.

  • Start My Porn Company has been working on more ways for those that are interested in starting their own adult production companies to get the real information they need to have a shot at success in this very competitive industry.

    In a few weeks, we will be making the first of those offerings available through the Start My Porn Company website. This is something that we have been working on since 2010, and I must say that it is much more comprehensive and valuable than I dreamed it would be for new porn producers! All of the information, legal records, sample documents and everything else that new producers need is included . . . .

    I’m not ready to give away what it is just yet — but it is the ultimate resource for all those that have been seriously thinking about getting into adult as producers, and have been looking for the whole truth about this industry in an easy to access format.

    We had a great time at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, and being able to get together with our industry friends all at one time, in one place (with no deadlines looming), has opened up some other potential services and exciting offerings that will become available through SMPC during the next 16 months, and all of them are going to be of great benefit to new porn producers!

    The next edition of the Start My Porn Company Newsletter will be going out by February 10, so sign up for the newsletter now to keep from missing anything.

  • Extra Lunch Money’s Benic Way took the time to discuss the reality of what it takes to build a successful porn production company with Linda Roberts and Sherry Ziegelmeyer, of Start My Porn Company (SMPC), on the most recent edition of the popular web cast, ELM Avenue.

    The interview covered many topics of interest to those that are thinking about starting their own adult production companies, including information on the revenue streams in adult content sales, tips for those that are interested in investing in existing production companies and what Start My Porn Company offers to our clients.

    Linda and Sherry also announced the Weekend Intensive Production Workshop that Start My Porn Company has scheduled for February 24 through February 26 in Porn Valley, California.

    Listen to the entire broadcast at http://elmaveshow.com/start-my-porn-company-interview/.

  • A while back, Cindi Loftus, proprietor and publisher of Luke is Back posted an exclusive interview with Start My porn Company’s Linda Roberts. You can read it here:


    Linda Roberts Start My Porn Company Founder

  • We are very happy to announce that A Risqué Business has agreed to join our ProNet referral network of adult industry technical and creative providers.

    Start My Porn Company’s ProNet brings together over 100 (direct and ancillary) of the most respected and talented adult industry professionals in such diverse areas as legal services, production, web site creation and post production services.

    Start My Porn Company provides referrals to our clients from within the ever-growing group of professionals that agree to be a part of ProNet. This allows those new to the adult industry access to the best providers and creative visionaries available. Most of these porn professionals will not even answer emails from anyone that is not already a major player in porn, but they sure are happy to work with us!

    A Risqué Business brings professional services for web design, affiliate program creation and management expertise, as well as a proven track record of adult business acumen on creating and profiting from web based adult content sites to Start My Porn Company’s ProNet. With more than 15 years of adult industry web design and management experience, A Risqué Business has been behind many successful adult web sites, including Ninn Worx, Cytherea’s Wet World, and their own site, Risqué.com. The people behind A Risqué Business know their stuff and are consummate professionals. They are a great addition to ProNet.

    What makes Start My Porn Company ProNet stand alone as the premier provider for adult consultation and production management, is that if there is a category to be nominated in for the AVN, XBIZ, XRCO, the Europeens Du X or Venus awards, the majority of our ProNet production and service providers have been given the nod in that category . . . and likely have also won it!

  • When Linda and I disappear for periods of time, it’s because we’re living what we teach: Production.

    Unlike some of the adult entertainment “gurus” out there, we are active in the entertainment industry. And right now, we’re working on aspects of post production on what will be the most talked about adult feature of 2012: Michael Ninn’s ‘The Four’.

    ‘The Four’ will be debuted at Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada in January of 2012. Take a look at the teaser. (It takes a few seconds to load.)

    Michael Ninn’s The Four / Trailer from Michael Ninn.

    For in-depth adult industry news and analysis (and lots of insider information on how to be successful as an XXX CEO), subscribe to the Start My Porn Company Newsletter.

    Have a great one!
    Start My Porn Company

  • There’s a lot of stuff going on with the folks behind SMPC. Between working out aspects of post-production on Michael Ninn’s ‘The Four’ and a training video project Linda is working on for the State of California, there’s the daily creation of marketing and publicity campaigns for both Black and Blue Media’s publicity clients and for Start My Porn Company.

    Along with that, Chris King is wrapping the season on his Showtime series, Barry Wood is finishing up shooting for Paul Thomas on an adult parody and Frank Castle is doing a lot of mainstream work providing weapons and special effects for a variety of projects. Oh, and Sonny Malone is hard at work on a video series for Joanna Angel, which will be streeting soon.

    Needless to say, updates are probably going to be sporadic through Labor Day. LOL If you are seeking an introduction call with Linda or I on how we can help you start your own adult production company, please be patient with scheduling. We fit in as many free introductory calls as we can, as soon as time is available in our schedules.

    Enjoy the end of August and the mercury redirect coming up this weekend!
    Start My Porn Company

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