• There’s so much confusion in the mainstream media (and the adult media is not much better, yet in a different way . . . ) concerning STDs, HIV, condoms, Adult Performer Testing — and what not — The April SMPC Newsletter sorts out the myth from the reality.

    I’d like to thank DJ and Pete for the “Bravo” email I just received as well. ; ) We have quite a few adult industry insiders subscribed to our newsletter, and it’s nice when we can share information, and insight, on laws, regulations and other BS that affects all of us.

    I also need to make an announcement:

    At this time, we are closing new subscriptions to the SMPC Newsletter list. Everyone that is already on the newsletter mailing list will continue to receive our bi-monthly editions, however the contact form is being abused by those that either can’t read, or are deliberately impersonating others as some sick “revenge” game.  SMPC will not be a part of idiocy — when the games start, we don’t play!

    What I find most obnoxious about all of this, is that the SMPC Newsletter does not , and never has, contained any form of “porn”, no images, no links that don’t go to startmyporncompany.com, and no subject matter that wouldn’t be considered boring by the average reader. It’s all business information.  LOL

    We hope at some point to be able to offer the Newsletter to new subscribers again,  but until we can find a way to protect those that morons are trying to harass and embarrass  by signing up to the newsletter using their intended victim’s name, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

    All my best,


















  • Dates have been determined for the first Start My Porn Company Weekend Production Intensive Workshop of 2012, and pre-invitations have been sent to all of those on the Start My Porn Company Newsletter mailing list.

    Since Start My Porn Company officially launched in November of 2010, we have received hundreds of requests to hold an interactive workshop, where budding adult producers can watch hardcore adult video being shot first hand. This was no surprise, considering that Marquis Productions and Black and Blue Media had considered holding “boot camps” as far back as 2007, due to the demand for live, first person, access to production training in the adult industry.

    When we started planning those workshops, we realized that there were things that we should do differently to accommodate the real interests of those that were looking for “porn industry training workshops”. At the time, options were entirely split between “classes” based and “video based” workshops. Well, all of us at Start My Porn Company know from experience that neither of those can stand alone to give anyone a true idea of what it takes to launch a successful porn production company. It takes a combination of knowing the truth about the legalities, the costs and the time and effort that goes into producing quality product, as well as technical experience in shooting and packaging it, to get an idea of how the adult entertainment industry works from the stand point of production of content.

    All Start My Porn Company Weekend Production Intensive Workshops cover the real information that new producers need to know. You will not only learn about model contracts, US regulations on Age Verification record keeping (2257) and how to set realistic budgets for your productions . . . but you will also be on-set with Start My Porn Company’s ProNet while a full length, hardcore, adult video is being shot. The Start My Porn Company Production Intensive Workshops also include insider information on how to maximize your potential return on your productions by detailing the different revenue streams in adult, what you need to know to shoot and edit content that will allow you to take advantage of each of those streams and information on how to package and market your product for those different revenue streams.

    We cover a lot of ground in our workshops, and we know from experience that what we are offering is the total package that new producers need, to be prepared to succeed in this industry! Everyone attending will also receive their own copy of the Start My Porn Company Porn Primer, which gives you reference materials on every contract, agreement and check list that all new producers need to start off their company right. This is a $2000+ value, which is Start My Porn Company’s gift to you, when you attend our Weekend Production Intensive Workshops.

    The first 2012 Start My Porn Company Weekend Production Intensive Workshop is slated for Friday, February 24 through Sunday, February 26. The attendance list is limited to 15 for this workshop, and those who are signed up for the Start My Porn Company Newsletter have first choice of the available spots. Open registration will begin on January 10, 2012. However, we expect to be sold out by then through pre-registrations, so get your advance invitation today!

  • 2011 may be drawing to a close, but everyone involved with Start My Porn Company is working away on new services and educational offerings, expanding our list of ProNet providers and getting out to conventions to spread the word on our mission to help those new to the adult industry set up their businesses safely and legally.

    Plans are in motion for adding weekend long workshops to the Start My Porn Company services, aimed at helping budding porn producers get their companies off to a bright start. Advance invitations will be sent to those on the Start My Porn Company Newsletter mailing list in December. So if you aren’t signed up to receive our newsletter, why not do that now?

    Start My Porn Company is also laying plans to offer an on-line guide to getting started in the adult industry as a producer. This will be a good option for those that are thinking about starting in the industry, but aren’t ready to take on consultation quite yet.

    We’re also adding Start My Porn Company consultants for those that are thinking about working as models in the adult industry. It’s something we’ve been planning for a while now, but as with everything Start My Porn Company does, we do thorough back ground on everyone we work with. We only work with professionals that are the best in their field to guide people that are new to this industry. We have finally found industry insiders that are honest, reliable and know their stuff when it comes to guiding new talent in how to make it in adult.

    Finally, we will be adding a new production coordinator and director to ProNet, that is very interested in working with new producers. He has 15 years of industry experience, shooting both adult and mainstream content in Europe and South America. He is also experienced in shooting niche content. Niche content is a huge consumer market, and we are very happy that we will have a ProNet service provider that specializes in these areas.

    So that’s what’s coming up with Start My Porn Company. Official announcements are forthcoming. Stay tuned and don’t forget to sign up for your copy of the Start My Porn Company Newsletter, for news and invitations to our upcoming events!

  • It’s tough out there. Who to trust? Who is a professional with experience in the adult industry? Who will tell you the whole truth about everything from revenue streams in adult, to how much they really charge for their services?

    You found this site because you are thinking about getting into the adult entertainment industry as a producer, or investor, and you probably found a lot of sites that claim to do what Start My Porn Company does. You probably also found at least one other site that also claims the people behind it have the experience that the people who run Start My Porn Company do. Well, truth be told, Start My Porn Company is the only one out there that provides real, experienced and honest business consultation and management services to people who want to start their own adult production companies.

    Whether you are only interested in investing in an existing company, or you want to own and run your own adult business, you need to work with someone that is honest and truthful with you in every aspect of how the porn industry works, what it costs to produce adult content and also what your consultant or manager is charging you.

    Recently, an investor with another self-proclaimed “professional adult business manager” was charged close to $40,000 for a production that in reality was budgeted at a little over $30,000. That investor is still trying to find out exactly how much he over paid for the production, and where that money went.

    Where did the remaining money go? Well, my bet is that the people behind the “management company” that arranged that particular production are living well on the money they pocketed from that investor.

    What is really tragic, is that this “management company” claims that they ‘make no money until the investor makes money’. Well, making close to $10,000 before the movie is even shot doesn’t sound to me like those people “make no money until the investor makes money.” Does it sound like that to you?

    As an investor in the adult industry, (whether it is for your own production company, or as an investor in an existing production company) you owe it to yourself to get all the facts before you lay out even one penny to anyone, for any reason.

    Here’s some questions you should ask anyone that is trying to sell you on using their business management and consultation services to start any adult company, even if you are only an investor:

    What are the six revenue streams in adult and what type of content do I need to make to profit from all of them?

    Do I have ownership of the productions that I pay for and how much ownership?

    Can I see the production budget before I decide if I should give you my money?

    Who is really managing my production?

    Once you have those answers from the person you are thinking about working with, then contact Start My Porn Company and get the truth about those same questions.

    A year or two back members of ProNet attempted to train at least one of the other “adult business consultant and management” providers in how this industry works, but it must not have stuck. We try our best, but some people just choose to remain ignorant and clueless.

    Now that “provider” is out there attempting to convince people that they know all there is to know about the porn industry. Unfortunately, we are hearing all about how their investors are getting ripped off for more money than the production actually is budgeted for, the productions are not being started on schedule and that the fool doesn’t even remember the multiple revenue streams content can be sold through, no matter how hard we tried to teach them . . . . I guess this is a case of “You can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think.” LOL

    Be smart – don’t listen to slick sales jobs from people that are wanna-bes (or never-beens) in this industry. Linda, Sherry and the rest of the Start My Porn Company ProNet have over 175 years of collective experience in this industry. We know everything there is to know about the porn industry and practically everyone in it.

    Be careful out there!

  • Frank Castle and Linda Roberts on 'The New Neighbors' setLinda Roberts and her husband, director Frank Castle, join the divine Reverend Mel for a special appearance on the internet TV channel, Talking Sex Radio on Monday, June 6, 2011.

    Roberts and Castle will be discussing their swinger lifestyle, life in the adult industry and also providing the audience with information on their joint project, Start My Porn Company, which supplies budding producers with business consultation and management services.

    It’s been a fantastic freshman year thus far for Start My Porn Company, as we’ve had a lot of response from people that have been seeking business consultation specifically for adult companies. Our first client will be launching his website, fornicatio.com in a couple of months, and we have been able to get two producers lined up with cohesive business plans that will help them succeed in the industry, even with the economy as sluggish as it remains. We are also working with directors Otto Bauer, Nicki Hunter and Frank on brokering a production investment deal for one of our clients.

    This show will likely contain hints at Start My Porn Company’s future plans. There’s a lot happening with SMPC and to stay up to date, please sign up for the SMPC newsletter.

    Tune in Talking Sex Radio for the 8:00PM PST interview with Linda and Frank on Monday night. Call in to the live show with the toll free number, (888)834-0589.

  • You asked for it and we did it – we are now on Twitter!

    Catch up on what’s going on with members of the Start My Porn Company Pro Net, friends of Start My Porn Company and what Linda and Sherry are up to through our Twitter Feed @getintoporn,

  • Linda Roberts - Actress, director, producer and founder of Start My Porn Company The Fox interviews Linda Roberts and Sherry Ziegelmeyer of Start My Porn Company, on All Night Long, airing Friday, February 25 on Radio Dentata. The show starts at 7:00PM Eastern/4:00PM Pacific.

    The Fox and his co-host, Miss Kitty, asked a lot of great questions and learned a little about the realities of porn production from Linda and Sherry during the interview.

    Start My Porn Company is not a school or course, it is a full service business management system for those that want to get into adult production with access to real information, and by working with real porn industry professionals that can help new Porn CEOs start their company without falling into the traps that steal time and money, ending in broken dreams.

Get the SMPC Primer!

Learn how to start a successful adult production company with the Porn Primer

Get the SMPC Primer

Note: The SPMC Primer and introduction call are only available to those in the United States!

Phone SMPC Business Services On Ether.com 1(888)MY-ETHER ext 04394145

Warning ImageThere are other companies out there that claim to offer these types of services, however many of them are run by people who have little or no experience in the adult industry.

 Do your homework before you put your trust in any adult business consultant.

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