• 2014 is here and everyone at Start My Porn Company wants to thank the thousands of visitors this site has had during 2013 and continuing forward.

    A quick note to those that are emailing us with questions concerning adult content production . . . Please read the SMPC Porn Primer before emailing us to ask about an introduction call or more information. This is not because the Primer is for sale, it’s because we’re busy people who actually make a living producing and selling adult content and 99.89% of the questions we get asked are already answered in the Primer.

    The first question we are asked by those that haven’t read the Primer is “Is it legal to shoot porn in my state?” or the variation of “Where should I set up my business?” Well, that question is answered in the Primer in depth. And seriously peeps, please — no complaints that you have to pay for the Primer to find that out, because you can find that answer for free anywhere on the web: California and New Hampshire are the only states in the US where you can pay someone to have sex, with any intention to capture it in any form AND to distribute it (that includes uploading it to the internet) without facing minimum of Pandering charges. Yes, that includes Nevada . . . Where prostitution is only legal INSIDE a licensed brothel or other licensed adult entertainment business location. And even shooting inside a brothel, Nevada has laws against adult sex content for distribution (as Naughty America found out.

    Okay, we admit Naughty America was stupid about bringing themselves to the attention of The Law, but it still proves our case –There is NO “New Porn Valley” starting in Las Vegas, or anywhere else in Nevada. Once the state of Nevada starts to find the pornographers, they’ll just start pushing for licensing and make up a bureau to regulate and tax it as they did for gambling and brothels and they’ll tax and regulate adult producers right out of the state. LOL

    In other news . . . We are considering dropping the SMPC Newsletter and simply updating the blog more often. We’ve had problems with people signing up others without their permission for the newsletter (which is why we removed the contact form awhile back), yet we’re still having some people reporting the newsletter as SPAM or for being inappropriate content they don’t want to receive. We include a simple opt-out within the Newsletter, and we abide by all rules of ICANN SPAM regulation, but no good deed goes unpunished, it seems. ;)

    And finally, Linda Roberts and Frank Castle are getting ready to release new hardcore adult content via Internet. We’ll keep you posted as those plans are announced.

  • Hi y’all, sorry we’re running late with the SMPC newsletter, but so much has been happening on the legal and political end of the adult entertainment industry, every time I sit down to write up a newsletter the information changes before I get it sent out and I have to start over.  ~sigh~ The good news, is that much of the legal maneuvering  has been in the favor of the adult industry for a change.

    I hope to be able to sit down and do a full update on what changes have been made on condoms and age verification records within the next couple of weeks, so I can get a newsletter out in September.

    Additionally, Pay Pal has changed their security codes to some safer system of encryption. This is great news, however it’s causing some issues for existing Pay Pal buttons and systems that use them, (like s2Member, which we use for the SMPC Primer.) SO just a heads up to any of you that also sell through Pay Pal using their generated buttons: Update all of them, please! You may not even realize they aren’t working, or sometimes they will work part of the time and not the rest.

    And if you have purchased the Primer and for some reason not gotten the link to the download page directly from Pay Pal, please email me at sherry@startmyporncompany.com. I can look up your payment invoice and see that you get your download information as soon as I possibly can.

    Thanks everyone and have a safe end of summer!











  • Start My Porn Company is thrilled to announce another SMPC client success story .  .  .  .

    Eric successfully launched fornicatio.com a couple of weeks ago, and it is rapidly becoming a favorite destination of those who appreciate classic, and classy, adult nude photography and video.

    Fornicatio.com is filled with  3974 High Res Photos, 33 Full Length Movies, 38 + Hot Stars and the personal talent and passion of this upcoming adult photographer.  Passion is the benchmark between a ho-hum adult site purely built to make a buck and a truly extraordinary adult site. Eric has that passion and it shows!

    We are pleased and proud to have been able to help Eric achieve his dreams of owning an adult member site, and we look forward to the future as he expands his porn empire with the services provided by SMPC’s ProNet!









  • Welcome to 2013! We’ve all made it through 2012 without the world ending (at least physically) and it’s time for us all to tighten our seat belts, as the adult industry may be in for some bumpy rides in the future.

    For those is us already in the adult entertainment industry, January is a really hectic period of conventions, awards shows and gearing up new releases for the new year’s catalog. That can clog up the brains of everyone in our industry.

    The February edition of the SMPC Newsletter is being distributed now, and the focus is the latest news from distributors on what is selling, and the formats that are most desirable in their daily sales.

    Future SMPC Newsletters will cover different topics from the various seminars and individual conversations between industry professionals that attended the XBIZ, AEE and Internext conventions.  So there is a lot of information upcoming for those that are interested in getting into the adult entertainment industry as producers!

    If you haven’t signed up for the SMPC Newsletter yet, visit The Newsletter Sign Up Form to add your email to the mailing list.










  • Yep, we ran a bit late on the Start My Porn Company August Newsletter . . . There’s been a lot of stuff happening in the industry and just when I’d get one written, something would come up that I thought might be a better topic for the month.

    In the end, Linda and I decided to go with the original topic, but we thought giving someone else in the industry a chance to speak would be a better idea. So much of the content in the August SMPC Newsletter is credited to Gene Ross at AdultFYI.com.

    Gene has been watching, reporting on, and working in, this industry for longer than most of the performers on any particular porn set have been alive. He knows what he’s talking about. And while I know him as a very wise man, and one that truly does love this industry, I also respect that he’s a cynic in some ways. It’s good to hear a true cynic’s point of view from time to time. It keeps you grounded.

    So buckle in, because this month’s SMPC Newsletter is a slap of reality to those that still believe porn is a 30 Billion dollar industry.

    If you aren’t receiving the SMPC bi-monthly newsletter, sign up for your copy now, at https://startmyporncompany.com/?page_id=1296

  • Start My Porn Company’s Linda Roberts interviewed with writer, Anna Dimond, for a Glamour magazine feature on “The Secret to Great Sex (in 50 Words or Less)”, and the finished story is included in the June 2012 edition of Glamour, available on news stands, and online at www.glamour.com

    Linda’s tip for connecting with your partner joins advice and suggestions from a wide variety of authors, actors, medical and sociological experts. Among the dozen or so other celebrities quoted in the article are Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Sex Made Easy” author, Debby Herbenick. Ph.D., Dr. Laura Berman, Ph.D. and Michael J. Fox.

    This Glamour article on how to keep your partner, (and yourself), interested in sex kicked off an idea for the SMPC June Newsletter: What’s a porn set really like?

    What is a porn set really like? That is the most asked question in interviews with adult industry performers and crew, and usually one of the first questions asked in the introduction calls Linda and I do for Start My Porn Company. People are usually a little disappointed when they learn the truth. LOL

    Linda’s tip to Glamour came from both her real sex life, as well as her experience with “reel sex”, as it’s done on a porn set. And as Linda said in the article, a porn set is the least sexy place to be, and the performers need to get chemistry going with each other. Between long hours and the general atmosphere on a porn set, unless performers make an effort to connect with each other, there will be no connection. Porn is a business, having sex on camera is not the same as having sex in your own home.

    If you haven’t signed up for the SMPC Newsletter yet, sign up at https://startmyporncompany.com, to get your copy by email. It will be out later this week.

  • While this shouldn’t cause any problems with those using Start My Porn Company’s website, there is scheduled server maintenance taking place between Tuesday, May 1 at 10:00 PM and Wednesday, May 2 at 6:00 AM.

    Outages are planned to take no more than 10 minutes per site, however if you are trying to download the SMPC Porn Primer, or access the web pages, this may cause you problems if the site goes down while you are using it.

    Thank you for your patience during this period of server maintenance and we are very sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.

  • Brea Bennett on the set with Ninn Worx

    Registry for Start My Porn Company’s first 2012 Weekend Production Intensive Workshop, officially closes Sunday, January 15, 2012.

    Start My Porn Company’s Production Intensive Workshops are designed to introduce those interested in starting their own adult content companies to real, hardcore adult video production. The weekend offers both interactive, classroom style workshops and allows attendees unlimited on-set access, as a full length adult video is produced by members of Start My Porn Company’s ProNet.

    ProNet Director, Frank Castle said, “When Start My Porn Company launched in 2010, what made it different from other options for learning about the industry, was real, experienced adult professionals are behind every aspect of the Start My Porn Company business service model. Anyone that is working with this company is getting accurate and honest information on everything from how to legally set up an adult production house, to how to set realistic budgets that support being able to make a profit on the content you produce. The Production Workshops take that a step further, allowing those that attend to work directly with adult production professionals in learning how to handle government regulations concerning adult production, how to run a professional adult set, and how to make money from the resulting content.”

    Benic Way, founder of the adult content sales site, Extra Lunch Money, agrees, “It is amazing just how much experience everyone involved with Start My Porn Company brings to the services they offer. I am interested in taking part in this upcoming workshop, because I want to learn about adult production on a first-hand level. I have been involved in the internet sales end of the adult industry exclusively, and I have learned from speaking with ProNet members that while there are some relevant issues for both producers and the web entrepreneur, the actual production of content is a very different game. Since Extra Lunch Money is dedicated to giving adult producers an outlet to sell specialized content, it is time for me to get on a set and learn what goes into making porn movies. It will allow me to better understand the clients that use our site to sell content, and those that order custom content from those providers.”

    The first 2012 Start My Porn Company Production Intensive Workshop is scheduled for Friday, February 24 through Sunday, February 26 in California’s San Fernando Valley. For registry information and workshop details, those wishing to attend must sign up for the Start My Porn Company Newsletter by January 15, through the link at www.startmyporncompany.com.

  • Many producers are seeking distribution of their content and don’t know where to start. When you work with Start My Porn Company to create your content, securing distribution of your finished content is one of the services provided in your business management agreement with us.

    However, if you are thinking about trying to find distribution on your own, you might want to investigate some of the clauses that are included in distribution agreements, and clauses that you should insist be added to any distribution agreement, before you finalize the deal.

    Some of the clauses distributors may try to add to your contract contain wording such as:

    We hold all rights to all XYZ Production Company’s digital, physical and any other formats as known now or developed in the future, Universally and in perpetuity, inside or outside of the explored solar system

    You think I jest? I don’t! Everyone involved in Start My Porn Company has seen language in various distribution contracts that is very close to what is written above. Words like “in perpetuity”, “Universally”, “in all formats known and developed in the future” make some distributors feel very warm and fuzzy. They know that once you sign, they have you over the proverbial barrel.

    However, no distribution contract should be entered into without you fully understanding and negotiating your own terms and clauses. So, if you are thinking about doing your own distribution deal without the help of the professionals at Start My Porn Company, take a moment to read “The Porno Clause and Other Legal Tips Filmmakers May Not Know” at AdultFYI.

  • We are very happy to announce that A Risqué Business has agreed to join our ProNet referral network of adult industry technical and creative providers.

    Start My Porn Company’s ProNet brings together over 100 (direct and ancillary) of the most respected and talented adult industry professionals in such diverse areas as legal services, production, web site creation and post production services.

    Start My Porn Company provides referrals to our clients from within the ever-growing group of professionals that agree to be a part of ProNet. This allows those new to the adult industry access to the best providers and creative visionaries available. Most of these porn professionals will not even answer emails from anyone that is not already a major player in porn, but they sure are happy to work with us!

    A Risqué Business brings professional services for web design, affiliate program creation and management expertise, as well as a proven track record of adult business acumen on creating and profiting from web based adult content sites to Start My Porn Company’s ProNet. With more than 15 years of adult industry web design and management experience, A Risqué Business has been behind many successful adult web sites, including Ninn Worx, Cytherea’s Wet World, and their own site, Risqué.com. The people behind A Risqué Business know their stuff and are consummate professionals. They are a great addition to ProNet.

    What makes Start My Porn Company ProNet stand alone as the premier provider for adult consultation and production management, is that if there is a category to be nominated in for the AVN, XBIZ, XRCO, the Europeens Du X or Venus awards, the majority of our ProNet production and service providers have been given the nod in that category . . . and likely have also won it!

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